I’m Ségolène

Voice, Breath & Language Coach
Actress & Podcast Host
Mindfulness in Performance Workshop


Open your Voice
For less stress & more Creation

My Services Include

Voice Work & Vocal Opening
Stress & Emotional release
German & French for Actors
Creative Coaching
Mindfulness in Performance Workshops


1-2-1 Coaching

Need to release inner tension?
Level up vocally and be heard ?
Master a language or accent  ?
Need a creative boost ?


Individual sessions & packages available

Voice & Language Coaching

Level up Vocally
Prepare for Perfomance
Audience & Text Connection
French / German for Stage/Screen
Free your vocal abilities from tension

Creative Consulting

Understand your Creative Language
Foster Unity in your Production
Fuel your Narration & Storyline
Heal Your Creative Process
Birth all your Projects

Release & Relax

Understand your Stress
Reconnect to your emotions
Let go of inner tension & Anxiety
Master the Art of Chill & Be Chilled
Find yourself in all parts of life again
Anchor yourself through Breathwork

The Artful Athlete Podcast

Weekly episodes to…
Gain Vocal Confidence
Work with your breath
Own your Power as a Speaker
Find your Voice in Life & in Art

Personalised 1-2-1 Coaching

Whether you’re after a new skill, wanting to improve your vocal presence or hitting a block in creation or in life: you need to embrace the fact that all parts of your life are inter-connected. To grow into the Speaker, Performer, Creative or Artist you want to become, we’ll create a mindful plan and get you to meet your voice, release tension and embody your own power.

Production Coaching

Does your TV/Screen/Stage Production has characters speaking French or German? Do you have an event, concert, recording planned? Do you feel your Actors and Speakers need support? Let’s work together on making sure Your Rehearsal Process and final Performance align with the script and your Vision. 

Who is The Artful Athlete’s Coaching for?

One of the perks of being a multi-disciplinary practitioner, is that I can help a wide range of people. By blending traditional Life-Coaching Methods, with Breathwork, Energy therapy, Postural Exercise, Massage, Holistic Living, Linguistic Skills and Performance Techniques, we’ll draw from your own strength and experiences to bring you in alignment with your goals, hopes and vision.  

1. I want to become a better speaker.

Whether you’re an office worker, teacher, a podcaster, meditation coach, or simply thinking of becoming a public speaker: You need to build strong foundations for Your Voice to reach your audience’s ear with confidence and compassion. Establish what it is you seek, what you stand for, and let’s make it louder!

2. I'm a performer seeking to upgrade my skills.

Newcomer and seasoned performers: How’s your voice doing? How’s your body feeling? Does the everyday follow you into performance? Have you experienced injuries from characters/physicalities while on a job? Does your voice come out with as much ease as you wish? Do you have to perform in French or German for your next part? Fancy freshening up your approach to performance with new skills? Let’s make you Show-Ready!

3. I'm struggling to create / connect with my creations.

If your Creative Process (be it writing, singing, dancing, inventing a new robot or recipe…) is becoming heavy, dragging you down: it’s time let go, and prepare yourself to FALL IN LOVE with YOUR ART again. Your mind is unique and multi-faceted: You’re perfectly capable to give birth to that idea, painting or project. Be gentle.

4. I'm in emotional overload... Stress is out to get me.

“I feel overloaded with stress, with emotional turmoil… I’m being pulled in every direction… I’m burning out…” The world is not against you trying to stop you achieving your dream. Sometimes our mental takes over and we simply let the mechanics of societal expectations control us. Don’t sabotage or sacrifice your wellbeing. How’s your breathing these days? 

5. My Production needs a Language Coach / Vocal Coach.

Your production has French or German speaking characters and you want to make sure they pronounce it properly? That’s when I come in! I’ve coached for both screen and stage (most recent work includes Two Ladies dir. by Nicholas Hytner at The Bridge Theatre, Amadeus dir. by Michael Longhurst at the National Theatre, ITV’s Vanity Fair). Let’s open up your actor’s voices and get a performance that suits Your Vision.

About Me

I’m an Artful Creature based in London. After over 20 years in the Artistic Industry, I have combined my knowledge of Voice, Breath and Expression to my passion for Movement, Wellness, Energy Therapy and Mindfulness.
After a tumultuous dive in 2018, I decided to let myself be seen: My Voice is My Power. My Linguistic skills, a gift. My Ear and Compassion, my Strength in Life, Performance and Creation.

It’s been a long road full of adventures and challenges. But Letting Go and taking that Leap of Faith has made me a stronger Performer and a better Coach. It’s helped me shape a Bridge between Art and Wellness. I’m inviting you to walk, dance, laugh and sing on it too.

I’m here to help YOU – performers and non-performers alike. Through breath, voice, intuitive and postural work, you’ll GROW vocally, artfully  OWN YOUR POWER and CONFIDENCE as a speaker at Work, in Life, in Art.

To let YOUR Voice be Heard and YOURSELF be Seen is the key to the mindful balance needed to FUEL and LOVE your Artful Athlete.


” I will definitely look forward to working with Ségolène again and thank her with every part of my being. To find someone who has been able to share a solution to so many years of pain, was not unlike discovering an angel. This evening was such a poignant moment and I am certain the power of this will make some permanent changes to my lifestyle and the way I manage this chronic condition. I have never shared the details of my condition openly with anyone, not even the schools I have worked in. It’s simply something I have learned to live with. Now, however, I find myself in a new situation. I feel as though I don’t have to accept living with my TMJ pain any longer.

Whoever said Zoom is a pointless waste of time, with a lack of face-to-face contact needs to think again. Today, I just experienced the impossible. Today I witnessed a miracle, made possible with a voice coach who is passionate, confident, and caring for her craft. Thank you Ségolène. In just sixty minutes, you have unknowingly changed my life

Zoey L.-W.

Writer & Motivational Speaker

“Segolene was amazing with me. I’d never spoken French before and I was really worried that I’d never be able to remember these new words for our play Two Ladies, let alone be able to pronounce them. She worked me hard and soon enough I was surprising myself with the sounds that were coming out of my mouth.Her positive attitude helped me believe that I would master these French lines soon enough!Thanks Segolene!! You’re amazing!” 

Raghad C.

Actress, Voice Artist

“Ségolène sees you as an individual, she sees YOU straight away. Almost like she knows how you are feeling before you do! She helped me use all of my senses to bring me back to me, emotionally, personally and professionally. Ségolène  makes you feel listened to, understood and that looking after your body and mind is important (which is what I am guilty of pushing to one side!) I always trust her judgment and advice, she is wonderful!” 

Faye T.


“She gave me simple and effective tricks that made me feel more confident in my pronunciation and ‘own’ the song. Over the years, I have also been able to go to Ségolène when I have experienced challenges expressing myself in writing. Ségolène’s holistic approach is unique and her dedication and passion for sharing wellness are inspiring!” 

Sophia E.