Ségolène V. Scheuer

Voice, Breath & Language Coach // Actress & Voice Artist

Create release to let your Voice & Expression Flow

Bonjour! My name is Ségolène.
I’m a Voice opener, Linguist, Creative
and Certified Energy Therapist.
My goal is to facilitate release on a physical & emotional level to help fluidify your expression and free your Voice.

 My Story

After 20 years in the arts and performing arts industry, 10 years of communication and linguistic experience, and I’ve lost count as to how long my passion for wellness has pushed me forward… I wanted to rethink the way I – as a performer, linguist and communicator – had been taught to approach voice, language and expression.

My 2018 burnout forced me to sit down and assess how I’d gotten there in the first place. And thus started the healing of my Voice, my Creative Spirit, my body and mind. The more I talked with fellow creatives, the more I understood how common it was for us to burn, to loose our passion, our physical / emotional / mental and creative health in the waves of creative projects, societal expectations, industry demands…

Where did the artist stand in the midst of this? Where we gave  creatives the space to embrace all of their humanity, and fully embody the Artful Athlete they were always meant to be.  

My Values & Beliefs

Master the Breath, Master the Voice

Breath is to the voice what fingers are for the guitarist. It is the key to unlocking your full vocal potential, to control volume and connection to your audience. It is also instrumental in stress management, relaxation and release work.  

Men sana in Corpore sano

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”. We define the parameters that keep our mind free of overload, overthinking and emotional burden. Through mindful practices, we learn to manage our ebbs and flows to sail through life as swimmingly as possible.

Live for yourself first

Our expression blocks itself for many reason. One of the biggest blocks often comes from us not living our lives for ourselves. Because Society expects one thing, relatives another… And in the middle, your voice hopes and dreams of being heard for who it is. 

My Approach…

I’m a huge believer in breathwork, jaw and thoracic release, emotional connection and intuitive work. You can listen to my podcast to discover my holistic approach in depth.

The voice is so deeply connected to your psyche, to your essence. No matter the session – be it vocal technique, emotional release, creative guidance… – all parts of who we are should be considered. That’s what having a holistic approach means.

Beyond distilling mindfulness, it’s reminding ourselves that all of life has an influence on how we express ourselveshow we digest our emotionshow we connect to our intuition and the world around us.

And so, after years of working in the communication and the arts industry, I gathered all my skills, combined them to my passion for wellness and mindfulness and created The Artful Athlete. A holistic and mindful approach to Voice practice.

Because Voice work goes deeper than just technique.

… And Methods

I am constantly evolving as a practitioner and a coach. The learning never stops. And thus, in my sessions I make use of all knowledge I’ve gathered over the years.

My breath journey combined singing, sophrology, Wim Hoff, the Alexander technique, Pranayama, meditation, Infinity Breath, and most recently, the Oxygen Advantage and SRT (Subconscious Release Technique). As well as supporting the voice, these tools have incredible effects on the lifting of limiting beliefs, stress release and boosting confidence.

My approach to the body is heavily influenced by my performance training as well as the rehabilitation work I did to recover mobility after an accident which left me half-paralysed from the neck down, my calisthenics, yoga, ayurvedic nutrition and animal flow practice. I know what pain does to the body and the mind: there are ways to liberate ourselves from its grip safely and mindfully.

On the path, I have discovered the benefits of energy work on the brain, the body, the creative soul and the mind. After realising how transformational this experience was, I certified in LaHoChi and Golden Triangle energy work. Combining it with a breath practice allows for deep release and restoration. 

As a holistic coach, having such a well of techniques and methods to draw from means that every single voice coaching, every single release session is never the same. 

” I will definitely look forward to working with Ségolène again and thank her with every part of my being. To find someone who has been able to share a solution to so many years of pain, was not unlike discovering an angel. This evening was such a poignant moment and I am certain the power of this will make some permanent changes to my lifestyle and the way I manage this chronic condition. I have never shared the details of my condition openly with anyone, not even the schools I have worked in. It’s simply something I have learned to live with. Now, however, I find myself in a new situation. I feel as though I don’t have to accept living with my TMJ pain any longer.

Whoever said Zoom is a pointless waste of time, with a lack of face-to-face contact needs to think again. Today, I just experienced the impossible. Today I witnessed a miracle, made possible with a voice coach who is passionate, confident, and caring for her craft. Thank you Ségolène. In just sixty minutes, you have unknowingly changed my life.

Zoey L.-W.

Writer & Motivational Speaker

“Ségolène enabled me to release stress-induced tension in my diaphragm and posture through numerous breathing exercises. Drawing on various techniques, she analysed what I required and was able to unlock the tension within. I am exceedingly grateful for her knowledge and patience in helping me.”
Joe B.


“Segolene was so easy to work with! She took into account my needs and tailored the whole course to suit my skill set, and the results were spectacular for the learning of my US accent! Couldn’t recommend enough, a true professional who exudes patience and generosity with her clients!”

Scott F.


“I feel so much better ! It’s the first thing I want to say after my session with Ségolène. She knew how to find the right words and visuals to communicate with me and skillfully guide me to where I needed to go. With everything happening in the world lately, it’s easy to feel disconnected and let yourself go. I’m really happy I found someone gentle and warm to help me up on my feet again, now I feel so clean and liberated 😃✨ 

Thank you so much for your help Sego 🤍”

Sarah M.

Artistic Director & Designer

“This was my first experience of an energy healing session. I went in with no preconceptions and I honestly couldn’t recommend it more. Ségolène was so intuitive and picked up on everything I’d been feeling lately without me saying anything. In the session itself she made me feel very safe, leading to a highly transformative process which has left me feeling grounded, centred and energised. I slept so well the night after the session! For anyone thinking of giving it a go, try it!”

Katrina G.

Volunteering Fundraising Manager