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How can I help you Release, Relax and Free your Voice?

Life can easily become heavy. And with the past year that we’ve had, our stress levels have gone through the roof. We have been uprooted, and turned upside down. The life we had is no longer accessible. And even if you still have a job and have a healthy body, this pandemic stress can affect you deeply.

What stress does best, is to infuse itself and plant its roots at the core of your insecurities and worries. It exacerbates everything.

When you’re walking on shaky grounds, finding your footing becomes harder. You hold on to all you can, to prevent the fall.

Some speak louder than before, others let their voices fade into silence. Seeing a way towards hope, towards something new, feels harder.

How can you ease back into trusting life again? By letting go of your burden, releasing your inner tension, and breathing.

Release & Relax

You can’t build anything on quicksand, unless you even the grounds first.
This is what I’m here to help you with.

If you’re…

  • overloaded with emotions
  • struggling to hear your own thoughts & desires
    seeking a way to connect to yourself and the world around you
  • feeling incapable of expressing in your own words how you feel

Let’s appease your mind, body and heart through LaHoChi and breathwork.

A LaHoChi practice can be done remotely, and puts your body and brain in a state of complete relaxation. It allows for your Central Nervous System to switch off and cool down.

When overstimulated and depleted, you can experience fatigue, mental and physical exhaustion, sleeping problems, inability to focus and hyper-sensitivity.

In this case, you need to come back to your body.

My invitation to you

I know far too well the tensions and life damages caused by stress, lack of connection and yearning to be seen and heard. I’ve burned out, recovered from paralysis, denied myself the right to my own creation, struggled with self-censorship… It’s been quite the road! I talk about it quite honestly in the “Discovering your Voice” series on my podcast.  I’ve experienced, and I have learned. 

I learned and experienced how working on listening to your own voice and your emotions, sets your voice, leadership and creative abilities free. 

It’s a process that starts with accepting and understanding your internal language. 

You need to breathe, to move, to relax:

  • To release your stress and understand your emotions
  • Build a Wellness routine to anchor yourself through the day

You need to understand your own Communication:

  • To open to your Leadership, Performance and Creative Skills
  • Learn to achieve true connection in Communication, Art and Life
  • Master the art of “Chilling and be Chilled” with all things: including money

To create deep and healthy connections with your partner, your friends and family:


  • Learn to set boundaries for all destructive and emotionally abusive behaviours
  • Identify the behaviours and patterns you do not wish to keep in all parts of Life
  • Assert yourself in conversations at with your team and colleagues, be heard in meetings
  • Communicate within your relationships to learn to connect deeply to your partner and friends

Combining LaHoChi with Breathwork, and Mindful Guidance, allows you to…

  • Let go of what weighs you down
  • Find a routine, a technique to look after yourself fully
  • Clean your mental slate, make space for something new
  • Understand how your emotions work and how to express them
  • Give you the tools to carry on in your Life, your Work, your Art without anxiety

Are you ready to embrace a you FREE of the heaviness and stress of our times?

Let’s bring you back to who you’re meant to be. And remember this: YOU matter more than anything else.

Therefore, each of my coaching are fully tailored to your needs, because one size does not fit all. (Or we’d all be able to share clothes easily!)

Get in touch and let’s chat! 

Release & Relax:
How does it work

Because one size does not fit all
All packages and programmes I offer are tailored to your needs. Each story, each mind, each Voice is different and deserves to be heard.
After a preliminary call,  we’ll find the best option for your needs.

Relax - 2 months, 5 sessions

The Stress-Free option for those who need to

  • Release anxiety
  • Relax and ease internal stress 
  • Create a Wellness routine to let go of emotional burden
  • Want to connect to their bodies, minds and life through breath

2 months, 5 sessions
Multiple payment option available

Freedom & Awareness - 4 months, 8 sessions

A 2 step process through which we’ll get you to 

  • Relax and ease physical and emotional stress 
  • Come back to your body to leave mental and vocal paralysis
  • Connect you back to the Life you deserve to experience
  • Let go of emotional burden, and learn to understand anxiety

4 months, 8 sessions
Multiple payment option available

Reconstruction: Be Heard - 6 months, 12 sessions

3 steps to get you to leave behind immobility, emotional paralysis and self-censorship so you can find and embody your true Voice, your true self.

  • Breathe, Move, Relax:
    Come back to your body
  • Accept and understand your internal language:
    Free your voice, connect deeply to your partner, your friends, colleagues and team mates.
  • Connect to your Voice, so you can be HEARD
    Understand your own Communication to open up your Leadership, Performance and Creative Skills and achieve true connection in Communication, Art and Life

6 months, 12 Sessions
Multiple payment option available

Is this for me?

Release & Relax is a blend of traditional coaching, breathwork and LaHoChi sessions.

  • An open mind 
  • A desire to invest time, money and energy into your wellbeing
  • An understanding that a holistic approach does not replace a medical practice, but can complement each other beautifully

This is all I ask of you.

This programme is for everyone

  • Who feels ready to embrace something new
  • Who is ready to leave this state of emotional and mental immobility
  •  Who is ready to free themselves of self-censorship
  • And who’s after creating a life full of creative and emotional freedom.

Time to go on an adventure with yourself.

If you’re ready to embrace your Voice and reconnect to a lighter sense of being, then you’re in the right place. Book your preliminary call with the button below, and we’ll get things moving.

And remember, one size does not fit all. Hence why each of my coaching are fully tailored to your needs. 

If you’re unsure about what your next step should be, hit the button below and let’s talk it out. There is a solution out there for everyone.

Get in touch and let’s chat! 


“Segolene’s LaHoChi session is absolutely amazing! I’m a physio and energy healer too and so far I almost tried any sort of therapy as first on me before suggesting it to others. This session is probably one of the best therapies I ever tried, not only because of the LaHoChi experience, which is quite incredible and relaxing itself, but also because Segolene is one of most knowledgable therapist I ever met from breathing techniques to nutrition advices, from emotional rebalancing to card reading, crystals, and much more…she is a real all rounder, able to deeply read you, advise and lift you up.

After the session she gives me time to come back, we talk, and she gives such an accurate reading and incredibly she saw the same places I saw. Before leaving she reads me some cards and she gives me advice and exercises and how to cope with what is passing inside me. It is a must to try and possibly to regularly repeat. Super Highly Recommended!”

Alessio B.

Physiotherapist & Energy Therapist

Ségolène sees you as an individual, she sees YOU straight away. Almost like she knows how you are feeling before you do! She helped me use all of my senses to bring me back to me, emotionally, personally and professionally. Ségolène  makes you feel listened to, understood and that looking after your body and mind is important (which is what I am guilty of pushing to one side!) I always trust her judgment and advice, she is wonderful!”

Faye T.

Medical Assistant

This was the first time I’d ever had an energy treatment like this. I’d had a difficult week, and Ségolène took the time to go through the energy treatment with me step-by-step. I really enjoyed the experience, I felt a sense of calm and relaxation wash over me, and felt balanced and at peace afterwards too. Would definitely have the treatment again.

Katie D.

Communications and marketing manager, Health Department, Welsh Government

“Ségolène enabled me to release stress-induced tension in my diaphragm and posture through numerous breathing exercises. Drawing on various techniques, she analysed what I required and was able to unlock the tension within. I am exceedingly grateful for her knowledge and patience in helping me.”
Joe B.