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You would think that because performers choose to explore humanity on every level as their profession, that they would be provided with tools and techniques to preserve themselves, but also to release stagnant emotions present in their body.

The Actor’s body is its instrument. But unlike a violin or a guitar, it doesn’t go back into a protective case between rehearsals or concerts. It goes through Life.

Over the past 18 months, performers of all ages were asked to maintain their skills, “re-train” in another industry, and not despair. But the life our body and mind experiences doesn’t just patiently leave our bodies when stepping into a character.

Every trauma, every emotional imbalance, every ounce of stress we absorb in the everyday establishes a seat in the mind (identifying itself as e.g. a limiting belief, a trauma…), leaves marks on the body, and carries itself into the performance.

Knowing this and understanding how to look after your Performing-self allows you to

Approach emotions and characters safely

Ground when going into extreme use of voice

Release anxiety and stress in and out of performance

♦ Find balance physically, mentally and emotionally in our post-covid performance world

And so as a result of years of coaching and helping performers vocally, mentally, physically and emotionally, I’ve created a workshop to support them as they keep on giving their best for every character, on every show, with each performance.

This Wellness & Mindfulness for Performers Workshop combines:

⇒ a physical exploration of the different emotion-storage centers in the body

⇒ breath work to make space within, create a safe connection between you and your character’s emotions and ground safely in performance

⇒  release work to make sure Life does not overtake performance and vice-versa

Imagine being given a compass to learn to navigate safely through life and performance.

Imagine having a full utility belt with tools to look after yourself on every plane.

Imagine knowing in every part of your being that you can express yourself safely in Life & Creation.

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Adaptable to your Schedule

The Wellness and Mindfulness for Performers workshop  is a 4-hour long workshop, adaptable to your timetable. It can easily be tailored to the needs of your production or characters.
Price: £ 350.00

10 hours of coaching Option

Personalised Coaching Session

I am available for 10 hours of 1 to 1 coaching with members of your company / course in order to assist them in finding the right balance between Life and Performance, practice emotional release & look after their breath and vocal health.
10hr Package Option: £ 1, 500.00
10hrs 1-1 sessions @ £ 150 per hr
FREE 4hr Workshop (Value £ 350.00)

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