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How can I help you Speak Up, and Own a Language or Accent?

Well, hello my friendly Creative Voice!

Have you got to learn how to pronounce a language for a part?
An accent you’re struggling to pronounce and own perhaps?
Maybe you just want to level up your speaking or singing game?

Whether you’re…

  • a performer with a deadline, character, specific goal/skillset in mind
  • an amateur singer
  • podcaster looking to up your vocal game
  • a future public-speaker
  • or human wanting to connect through your own words.

Vocal & Language Coaching will…

  • teach you how to understand and master your vocal abilities
  • remove all tension in the speech through massaging techniques
  • show you how to connect to your words, thoughts and audience through breath.

Why come to a Linguist for help?

As well as having over 15 years of vocal performing experience, I am first and foremost a linguist. 

Yes, a linguist. That’s what I am!

Linguists are Language Explorers. They study the physical landscape created by a language within its pronunciation and the mouth of its speaker. Understanding the geography of the words you’re saying is key if you

  • Want a clear voice
  • Need to speak another language
  • Seek to connect emotionally to the text, the character
  • And have an impact on your audience. 

Depending on the language (or languages) you have been using throughout your life, there are sounds that may feel more difficult to access. 

Add the tensions accumulated through life, stress, chewing, bruxism, teeth grinding… The voice can easily struggle using the entirety of your instrument.

So, as a linguist and Vocal Coach, I am here to take you through the geography of the language and sounds you’re uttering.

Each language has a unique way of travelling through the body and mouth before being heard. I’m trilingual and a specialist for French and German pronunciation with an extremely good ear for accents. Travelling and investigating accents (in English, French and German) allowed me to master the pronunciation system of the human mouth and voice.
I can make it easy for you to embrace voicing, speaking up, and embracing new sounds and foreing languages.

My goal is to get you to harness pronunciation whilst having fun and expanding your vocal abilities and expression game. Because once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to present your text, speak that part, embody that character, emotion or song with ease, whilst connecting deeply with your audience.

Wellness in Performance

If you’ve listened to my Artful Athlete Podcast, you know that “we are the sum of all we experience” is one of the things I repeat pretty often.

It’s the same in performance.
It’s the same in public speaking.
It’s the same in singing, acting.
It’s the same in language learning.

What you experience, the moments, sounds, people, places and things… All these have an impact on your vocal abilities.

What you eat affects your voice…
Your sleep affects your voice…
Your breath
Your stress
Your emotions
Your physical and mental health

You’re not just a sound producing machine. You’re a human carrying a story. 

Having a holistic approach in Vocal work allows you to create deep foundations and a sustainable relationship and way of working within your vocal abilities.
We’re just taking YOU into account more than in traditional voice work. 

Which is perfect when you’re new to your own voice. 
When you’ve opened the door to your own pitch and volume. 
You learn to 
accept and understand your internal language at the same time. 

This is where vocal performance technique, mindfulness and wellness meet. 

    Voice & Language Packages

    Because one size does not fit all
    All packages and programmes I offer are tailored to your needs. Each story, each mind, each Voice is different and deserves to be heard.
    After a preliminary call,  we’ll find the best option for your needs.

    Voice Up: Language & Voice Coaching

    3 Voice Package options available

    • 2 months, 5 sessions
    • 4 months, 8 sessions
    • 6 months, 12 sessions

    Before starting every coaching, I have a little chat to break down your needs, goals and deadlines.

    Studio recording deadline, work or an artistic requirement? Have all your scripts and information at hand so we can make it all fit around your schedule.

    Personal goal to grow your presence vocally at work? Have a look at Release & Relax, or contact me directly!

    Multiple payment option available

    Is this for me?

    This Voice & Language coaching is for you if you have…

    • An open mind 
    • A desire to invest time, money and energy into your vocal practice
    • An understanding that a holistic approach does not replace a medical practice, but can complement each other beautifully

    This is all I ask of you.

    This coaching is for:

    • Actors 
    • Amateur singers
    • Voice Artists
    • Future Podcasters and Public Speakers
    • Performers who need to pronounce GERMAN or FRENCH for a part
    • Performers who struggle in mastering an accent

    But also anyone who is…

    • Keen to level up Vocally
    • Ready to leave this state of emotional and mental immobility
    • And who’s wants to fuel their Voice, art and Life with creative and emotional connection.

    Book your preliminary call using the button below, and we’ll get down. to busniess.

    And remember, one size does not fit all. Hence why each of my coaching are fully tailored to your needs. 

    If you’re unsure about what your next step should be, hit the button below and let’s talk it out. There is a solution out there for everyone.

    Get in touch and let’s chat! 


    “Segolene was amazing with me. I’d never spoken French before and I was really worried that I’d never be able to remember these new words for our play Two Ladies, let alone be able to pronounce them. She worked me hard and soon enough I was surprising myself with the sounds that were coming out of my mouth.
    At the beginning Segolene used physicality to help me get into the sounds and memory of the words, which really worked for me. Later, she would make me repeat each line many times in varied nuances. She would also add the odd voice lesson with breath work and posture. Segolene was very knowledgable with history and so sometimes it seemed like a French culture lesson and not just an accent lesson, which made it more fun!
    Her positive attitude helped me believe that I would master these French lines soon enough!
    Thanks Segolene!! You’re amazing!

    Raghad C.

    Actress, Bridge Theatre, London

    “Segolene was so easy to work with! She took into account my needs and tailored the whole course to suit my skill set, and the results were spectacular for the learning of my US accent! Couldn’t recommend enough, a true professional who exudes patience and generosity with her clients!”

    Scott F.

    Voice Actor

    Ségolène was one of my first voice coaches. In our sessions, I felt very supported, witnessed and encouraged in my expression. Ségolène was an invaluable resource when I was learning how to sing in German for a production of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman. She gave me simple and effective tricks that made me feel more confident in my pronunciation and ‘own’ the song. Over the years, I have also been able to go to Ségolène when I have experienced challenges expressing myself in writing. Ségolène’s holistic approach is unique and her dedication and passion for sharing wellness are inspiring!
    Sophia E.

    Voice Researcher