Creative Consulting

Need a Scriptdoctor? A Proofreader? A Creative Midwife?

Finding and owning up your creative process is incredibly rewarding and satisfying no matter the art form! When your creation flows freely into your concept, everything feels easy. One of my favourite French writers, Maurice Leblanc, has his hero sum it up thus: “Everything is easy when you love and aim for pleasure.”

This is for me how creating should feel. It flows easily out of your hands, your body, your voice, your head…

And the birth of this brings you a sense of peaceful joy, or ecstatic pride. You’ve eased into the process, have gained joy and satisfaction from it.

The moment worry or 
existential questioning comes knocking
, it’s a sign that you need to bring FUN back into your process and let loose a little more.

That and evaluating what doesn’t feel right in your project or concept. 

  • Maybe, all you need is to relax into it?
  • Maybe, you need to take a step back for a while?
  • Maybe, your idea hasn’t reached its full potential yet?
  • Maybe, the structure needs rethinking?
  • Maybe your world and language needs to be explored further?

And now the question is “HOW”?

How can Creative Consulting help me?

  • How do I unblock my creativity?
  • How do I push my concept further?
  • How do I make sure my narrative is going where it needs to?

This is where Creative Consulting comes in

My role is not to tell you what to write, paint, say or what to create.

My role is simply to read beyond the lines and get you to understand the language of your creation. I am a voice and language coach after all, remember!

I’m not here to impose “what I think you should do…”. Because:
a) that’s not me at all, and…
b) this approach only frustrates your creative genius.

My role is to get you to play around with your own concept to make it grow.

For this, we look at your style, your approach and relationship to creating, playing, writing… What you want to give life to. And together we’ll find the road and pillars to carry and elevate your ideas.

Let me explain…

The beauty of my method is that it’s applicable to all forms of creation. Let me guide you through the type of support my creative consultant role will get you.

Say you’re working on a script or a novel.
After having read your work, we sit down and…

  • Work on the structure of your narration: debate key moments, the emotional evolution of your characters, the story arc and the impact it has on the reader… Perhaps this scene needs to be introduced differently? This character’s reaction could be built up more? That moment is wonderfully written, but would need to happen later in the storyline?…
  • Look at the style and vocabulary used throughout to help you find a language that actively serves your creation.
    Are you repeating the same word every few pages? Do you struggle with “painting” a scene, guiding the reader’s imagination to see your character’s reaction? How do you build sentences and dialogs? Does the language used reflect your connection to the scene or your hero? How can this description rise up to the vision you originally had in mind?
  • Build your creative mind to be confident in the world you’ve created so you dare to share and explore every aspect of it within your narration. For this, I put on a tourist / detective hat and let you become my tour guide, my witness. Through question, debate and conversation together we explore the different aspects of the narrative and of the world you’ve created.
  • Draw the bigger and the smaller picture: to paint a scene, whether in writing or in the painted / imagery world, you need to strike a balance between the tree and its roots. The Colossus and the marble. The sunset and each individual color. You need to create a path for your audience to walk through so they can see what you saw and feel what you felt.

Doing this work allows you to become even more familiar with the world you’ve created. The more connected you are to the heart of your creation, the easier it is to present it to an audience.

Creative Consulting

Because one size does not fit all
All packages and programmes I offer are tailored to your needs. Each story, each mind, each Voice is different and deserves to be heard.
After a preliminary call,  we’ll find the best option for your needs.

Creative Consulting Package

As every project is unique, I want to make sure that we’re a good match and that I am the right person for your creation.

So, first, let’s have a chat: come with what you’ve created so far, or what you’re after. And together we’ll see what approach would work best and how many sessions you’d need.

Before starting mentoring or consulting on a project, I have a little chat to break down your needs, goals and deadlines.

Publishing, Production deadline, work or an artistic requirement? Have all your thoughts and requirenents at hand so we can make it all fit around your schedule.

Working on a film/radio/performance production? Contact me directly to discuss your project.

Multiple payment option available

Is this for me?

Whether you’re…

  • In the beginning, middle, or the last steps of a creative project
  • Writing a book, script, painting a mural, composing a song, a series of colourful dishes
  • Hitting a road block and feeling disconnected from your work
  • Starting to feel worry within your creation
  • Looking for someone to insure creative unity within your performance, art or production
  • Or simply would like someone to help you bounce of ideas to push your art further

Let it be known that creators of all realms are welcome!

  • Writers
  • Novelists
  • Scriptwriters
  • Painters
  • Singers
  • Dancers
  • Comedians
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Content Creators
  • The list goes on…

Let’s share your imagination with the world.


“I cannot thank Segolene enough for her help and input on my tv series script.  Her honest and objective feedback was highly valuable to me.  Her advice was clear and concise, asking the right questions which helped me develop my story and characters with more depth and clarity.  She also suggested ways to rephrase my text in places, which in turn made my content that much more creative and impactful.  Her turnaround was swift and before deadline. The whole process felt easy and she is lovely to work with. I highly recommend!”

Marianna L.

Writer & Director

” Working with Ségolène on my creative project has helped me focus and develop my ideas. And establish order in my chaotic processShe acted as a guide and helped me to arrive at the strongest concept possible and was also capable to give me great feedback on a conceptual level but also on the visualsI really appreciate her help and I am very proud of the work we achieved together.


Graphic Designer & Concept Artist

“Ségolène did a fantastic rewriting job for my third book. She is an expert at getting the best out of your creative muscle, and she gave me tons of ideas to improve my characters, writing, and pacing. She is exceptionally talented at making suggestions that fits well into your writing style. I strongly recommend Ségolène for any of your artistic guidance needs. 

Lucille H. J.