Artful Philosophy

I created The Artful Athlete back in 2018 to support and help Creative Spirits embrace a mindful approach to their active and challenging lives to fuel their Art.

In times of hardship, or joy the world turns to Creatives for support: TV Shows/Films, Books, Paintings, Photography, Memes (yes, yes they do count!!), Videos, Recipes… And so on. Creative Minds are full of energy and connect to the world around them in a truly unique way. The end product they put out there is born from their unique vision of life. However…

Do you ever wonder what it costs to fully give yourself to that creative life?Artists and Creatives are Athletes in their own fields. They might not be running around a track 20hrs a week, but their minds take them on a different race 24hrs a day.  

Some of the hurdles on their track? Societal pressures, Industry demands, Financial challenges, Familial worries, self-hate, unworthiness, comparisons, critiques… These diminish the Creative Fire, lead to burn outs, depression, denial of this need to express and create. 

I know this for having experienced it first hand. It wasn’t easy to identify exactly what was going, or where to start to get out of the unhealthy mindset spiral. As a Creative and an Artist, was I meant to go through the “Tortured Artist” path? Was Life meant to be hard and un-magical?

Was I meant to dim my Light, my Laughter, my Hopes? 

Was I meant to keep my Creative Aspirations as a “hobby” and not give them the place they clearly needed? 

Giving my Creative Spirit the space it needed. I took my Performance training and merged it with my Wellness and Fitness knowledge.  

Working on my Breath and my Voice were key to unlock my full potential and Creativity.  

I finally let myself BE HEARD.

So, How can Artful Athlete’s Coaching help you?

Using a blend of Breathwork, Vocal techniques and Postural exercice, we’re able to facilitate a Physical and Mental release. If your body is relaxed, it becomes easier to EXPRESS, to ACT, to FEEL, to EMBODY CONFIDENCE, to CONNECT & EMOTE. 

In this state, the voice at the back of your head has no power, giving you room to SHINE in YOUR LIFE and YOUR ART. Whatever “Your Art” may be. Give yourself the GIFT of FULL EXPRESSION, of CONFIDENCE, Learn a NEW SKILL, FUEL YOUR EMOTIONS TO SUSTAIN YOUR CREATIVE VOICE.

Teach What You Know

13 Years of Language Learning, 15 Years of Acting & Performing, 6 Years of Wellness Discovery and 14 Years of Skills gathered on the Road to Physical Recovery. 

I am a strong believer that you can only TRULY TEACH what you’ve LEARNED – through experience, practice, research, teaching, learning. 
My Highs and Lows have allowed me to challenge, test, experiment the skills and knowledge I have gathered over the years. 

Having fallen into the Theatrical world at the age of 6, I trained professionally whilst carrying on with my studies and running a small after-school language teaching business. Later on, I trained as a Linguist and a Journalist before diving into PR & Communication. My Journey took me to Germany, Wales and then London where I studied and trained with Birkbeck & The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

My personal health journey, sometimes coming in my way, pushed me to find alternative routes to achieve the Balance and Lifestyle I was yearning for.

I TEACH Performers and Creatives how to HEAL, FUEL & BALANCE  their Creative Lifestyle. 


I GUIDE  YOU to your OWN Creation and Light.




You can also reach me at or on
WhatsApp +447435838300

Looking forward to meet your Voice!

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