Podcast – Episode 28

Discovering your Voice – Part 2:

The Mind and Self-Censorship

Written by Ségolène

February 11, 2021

Discovering your Voice. 

That’s one heck of an adventure. And one that touches through all realms of life. Next week, we’ll cover the vocal abilities abit more, but this week, I want to share with you a part of my Voice Path… Involving  a burnout, life experiences and the burden and effects of self-censorship.

Quick reminder that this week and every Tuesday of February you can find me over a @thelodge.space on Instagram and IGTV where I’m sharing 4 very short breathing sessions.
This whole month, a group of wellness practitioners (Yoga, pilates, creatives, coaches…) have come together to bring you a little “Challenge” every day.
All it takes is 5 to 10min a day to invest in YOU!

Back to our topic…

We’re all affected by self-censorship

You don’t necessarily need to have experienced a burnout or a form of abuse to 
struggle with self-censorship. They fuel into it, for sure. But, sometimes all it takes
is a lack of belief in our voice, our right to be heard,
our ability to create, give and receive.

It comes from doubt and disconnection. When you’re not fully connected to the world around you, it’s easy to project a subliminal thought or message onto your own perception
of yourself. Of what you’re allowed to do, to say, to exist as. 

Self-censorship feeds of that disconnection. That corrupted sense of seing the world
and oneself. It digs deep roots through all parts of life, through your body, and sets
an iron hand around your throat, your hands. The Mind feels unsafe in expressing. 

And so the muting begins. 


This episode has allowed me to revisit many thoughts that I’d gathered since my burnout in 2018. To revisit with a neutral eye, and see the extent to which the mind can go when it’s out of balance. Misaligned. Misbelieving. 

It’s interesting to me to see among these thoughts a eflection on the idea of “the box”, “the label”. The importance on making sure you had YOUR box and that it fitted all of you, according to societal requrements. And that even if it did not fully fill you up and satisfy you entirely, you better stick to it. Because otherwise, you won’t be acknowledged, seen, heard.

I did not expect this to be my opening thought. But it makes sense that it did. We spend so much time and energy trying to identify where we stand in this world. What level we’re on. Which people we should connect with.

And how much of this has an impact on your Voice? On how you allow yourself to be seen and perceived? On the language and images you use? 

The answer is: a lot.

Self-censorship has many form. Many roots and reasons.
But there is always a way out of it. 
One of them is to first relax into being. Ease into life.
Allowing yourself to see and be seen. 
Once you’ve granted yourself permission, some of the tightness will ease…
But, like all things, it will also require facing off the oppressor. It’s painful when you 
realize it’s YOU you have to face. There is a way to go about it. Because if using any intense pressure, too much force or structure, you’ll reinforce the grip without knowing.

Relax and ease into it. Look at what is, without passing judgment. 
Look without comparing or wishing for a different life. 

How can you regret the only life you’ve ever known? 
You can only learn and build from it.

But first… Take time. Take Space. Release.
And if you need help reconnecting to your essence, your Voice, get in touch. 
We’ll get you safely ashore. 




Ségolène xx