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French Language Coach & Singing Consultant

Voice Coaching 
Stage / TV / Radio

As a producer or director, you want to make sure your actors are vocally ready to embrace the challenges you’re presenting them with, and to make sure they can give THEIR best to serve YOUR artistic vision. 
From  breathwork to posture & physiological release via Jaw opening sequences, text work, song work & diction, I help performers get the best out of themselves and show them how to technically and easily expand their vocal capacity mindfully.

French & German for 
Screen / Stage / Radio
& Scriptwork

Foreign languages in live performance is always a brilliant way to present a character or culture to your audience.

I have helped playwrights make the right linguistic choices for their scripts (most recently on Nancy Harris’ Two Ladies and National Theatre’s latest French translation of War Horse). We’ll discuss the idea and point you’re trying to convey, marrying the Linguistical / Grammatical points with the Performance and Characters. 

In my experience of approaching foreign language pronunciation in performance, you can’t expect your performers to just all of a suden be fluent in French & German. It’s not about pronouncing it perfectly, but BEING BELIEVABLE. When coaching on production, I always start with pure script/pronunciation work with the actors individually and make every one work within their vocal range. Gradually we explore the origins  and story of the character to physically shape his/hers/its pronunciation.

I always attend at least 1 full run in rehearsals and 1 live performance. To be discussed upon booking.        

Amadeus, National Theatre, London, 2018 © Marc Brenner
French & German Language Coach

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If your production needs a Language Consultant, or a Voice Coach,  contact me with your project.
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Online & London Based Coaching
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