Podcast – Mindful Chat #4
Women in Podcasting with Lynsay

Written by Ségolène

March 24, 2021

Hello lovely Voices and welcome to your first Mindful Chat! 

This month, every Wednesday, you’ll be able to listen to a special episode, where I’m bringing on a guest for a little chat. A conversation, something fairly informal and cozy.

This week, I reached out to a voice which has helped me fall deeper in love with my own, and make the podcasting jump last August.

She’s an award winning Podcaster and Business coach, please give a warm welcome to Lynsay!


There is strength and volume in 
in ALL Voices, even in a whisper.

I connected to Lynsay last June, following an online conference she was giving about the recurring mistakes wannabe and aspiring podcasters make. I had come to terms with the fact that this time, I needed some help to understand the podcasting world, what it means to people, how to spread your message far and wide across the lands

And, this conference made me realise that I was actually a lot further ahead than I was giving myself credit for. Sound editing tech knowledge? Check. Mic? Check. Episode creation and structure? Check… As she was listing the different mistakes to watch out for, it dawned on me that perhaps the reason I had not yet started lay somewhere else… And that this coach, this mentoring voice could show me how to get there.

Every coach needs a coach. Because hey, if we were all full of all the knowledge of this world, would coaches, mentors and teachers be needed? 

If you don’t know. Ask.

If you’re looking for directions. Ask.

There’s no such thing as a bad question. Not asking means you’re missing out on the opportunity to learn and grow. Going down the route of “Oh, but I already know”, to quote Adam Grant, “is the fastest way to Mount Stupid.”

Lynsay is passionate and down to earth. She lives in beautiful North England with her very own Noah’s Ark (she has so many pets – SO MANY!), and if you follow her on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll get to know some of them. But Franck the sausage dog has a tendency to steal the spotlight.

Connecting with Lynsay over these past few month, I got to know an entrepreneur passionate about showing women of all backgrounds and colour, that they absolutely deserve to stand tall and strong in the light.

During our mindful chat, which I’m even more grateful for because this woman is busy and still managed to give me half an hour of her time, we got talking Women in Podcasting. We recorded this conversation two days after International Women’s Day. And in the light of that, finding out that today, we were still so few women podcasting regularly was astounding. Did you know that in the top podcasts the first woman of colour is number 37? With only 20% of women podcasting regularly?

My heart did ache a little. 

Because I’ve worked with so many women in the past, from all realms and industries combined… And very often, these more gentle spoken spirits did not believe that they could be heard, or doubted that they had enough knowledge to justify their speaking outloud.

Lynsay and I agree that it is defintely connected to this infamous “Impostor Syndrome” that we hear so much about. And if you’ve read Adam Grant’s latest book Think Again, that Lynsay and I mentioned in this episode, you’ll know that this is something that affects women more dominantly.

I might have to do an episode on the matter… Let me know if you’d be interested!

Something Lynsay said that stroke all the good chords inside my Voicing Heart on the matter was how we were calling this “a syndrome” – “As if it were a disease, an illness, when it’s not. It’s a mindset.” 

As promised in the episode, here’s the little doodle Adam Grant uses to illustrate one of the main culprit of Impostor Syndrome… I believe it speaks for itself.



So, if you’re aspiring to one day have your own podcast too, if you feel like
you need a little push, a little support, a little guidance in understanding how to
connect to the message you want to share… Maybe even build a legacy for other
women to walk on: find yourself a Lynsay. 

Someone who’s passionate about helping you connect to the voice within and
show you a path you could take to share your story with the world. 
Because you all deserve to be heard. 

Happy Mindful Wednesday.

I’ll catch you tomorrow for the first episode on our “Emotions in the Body” series.

This week, we’ll talk about Fear.

Much love,