Podcast – Episode 1: Meet your host!

Written by Ségolène

August 13, 2020

I am incredibly excited to be sharing with you the first episode of The Artful Athlete Podcast.

This is an expression project, which has taken many shapes and appearance in my cloudy brain over the last year. I wanted to write a book at first, but somehow, it wasn’t flowing naturally out of me. Back to the drawing board I went.

I let the words come to me: let them roam freely to describe, emote and invite concepts, conversations and ideas. Slowly but surely, they blended with my past experiences, the knowledge and skills gathered over the years, my hopes and dreams.

I think there is something truly powerful in the art of expression, in finding the right words in order to describe something, in giving into exploration, to just go and expand your knowledge of vocabulary.


 Thereby feeding and fuelling your own expression.

Isn’t this the first step to finding your Voice? I believe so.


This language these words are capable of stirring emotions, summoning memories and wishes, releasing past hurts and what does not serve you anymore. It’s also, quite simply, a way of connecting to the world around us, our friends, our families, our co-workers…


And it’s also how the artist connects with you, the witness, audience, reader.

Now, some works resonate more deeply than others to us. It is after all a subjective realm: not everyone gravitates towards the same artists. There’s proof of this everywhere! Not everyone loves the same music…


When a piece strikes a chord with you, when you develop a strong feeling or connection to a piece of art, be it in the written, the spoken word, or even the drawn, it is because the language used during the creation process was true to the essence of the artist.

And that’s something I love getting out of people, taking a creator on a journey through self-expression:

  • What words do you like using?
  • Do you have a theme of preference?
  • What would happen if we were to remove some of the noise within your language?
  • What would happen if we asked some further questions?

What if we dove a bit more into the language you use on a daily basis and in art? These two are interlinked after all.


We are the sum of everything we experience in life. 

Our vocabulary is the average of the books we read, the things we hear, be it on the radio, in music, on television, but also in the conversations we have with our relatives, our co-workers, our fellow artists. All of this helps us every day get a little bit closer to our voice.

If you take all of these elements and put them together, add a sprinkle of free thinking, of your way of digesting these elements and there you have it, your voice, how you express things, how you feel and communicate the feelings through your creation.


Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or a highly functional mastermind, you CREATE a lot more than you think. Creation lives in every single one of us and manifests itself in our passions.

Whatever it is you’re passionate about whatever it is that lights up a fire within you, that is your art. If you feel this surge of creation when you’re doing data entry, that’s your calling. That’s great, it’s for you.

If you’re feeling this creative surge when you’re coming up with a new dish for the restaurant that you work at, that’s your voice speaking through, and it doesn’t even have to be for the restaurant. I don’t work in a restaurant and I cook quite a lot just because I love to experiment, to play around with flavours.

If you’re getting that fire, that rise when you’re speaking up to someone, when you’re assisting someone, coaching them through a difficult situation, through a transformational, through a pivotal moment in their lives, then that’s your calling, that is YOUR VOICE.

 The extension of who you are underneath. Now the question is, will you let it be heard?

Enjoy Episode 1 of The Artful Athlete Podcast! I’ll speak to you soon!