Podcast – Episode 23 – Breathe into a Creative Year

Written by Ségolène

January 7, 2021

Happy New Year everyone! 

May your 2021 be as peaceful as possible, and allow you to grow into your adventures and abilities with ease, lightness and fun!

How can you achieve this? Well, I believe you can already guess my answer…

BREATHE into your day.

CREATE whenever you can.

PLAY as often as possible.

VOICE all that comes through. 

This first 2021 episode is a short guided breathwork to help you visualise and kickstart your year. 

A year of Voicing & Creations

I’m not making resolutions this year. At least not in the traditional sense that
many companies would have us do. 

All I’ll be following this year, is a promise.
A promise to December 2021 Me.

I’m not going to list the “21 things I want for this year”.
I’m not going to bully myself into following a trend, a diet, a career out of fear. Fear of not fitting in, of missing out, of doing it differently, doing it my way. 

For the next 365 days, and hopefully beyond, I will play.
I will seek out what I love, what I enjoy and derive strength from. 
I will let my self speak up, question and investigate. 
I will sing, shout, act and write.
Take a step to the left, one to the right, and
shake my body all about. 
Let my mind wander, my creativity shine. 
Let my lungs be full, and my heart open and light. 
Take the time to contemplate, to digest,
to feel and share. 
To seek depth in all things, including in myself. 

I’ve never been one for superficial conversations or behaviours.
When as a younger women at school I tried to follow some who obeyed to superficiality in order to “fit in”: nothing good ever came out of it.
I would end up feeling like a foreigner in my own flesh, in my own self.

This feeling I now see, helped me understand that clearly things wee not aligned, some people were not meant to stay. As painful as it was then, it’s allowed me to understand what I needed in life,
and also what I could let go.

What I could do if I allowed myself to. 

So this year, I am giving myself permission to chase what I want. 
To create, voice and share.

And if there is one thing I wish you as well as health, is for you too, to take the time to dare.

Much love to you all,
I’ll speak to you soon.


Ségo xx