Podcast – Episode 13: Being Heard and Being Loud

Written by Ségolène

October 29, 2020

Today we’re diving in the issue of Volume and Understanding.

Yes, the title is “Being Heard and Being Loud“. But like all the wonderful things in languages, “Heard” and “Loud” carry different meanings and are assosciated with different emotions.

“I hear you” – I understand you. It’s not just about receiving the sound, it’s a sign that you’ve understood and assimilated its content. You have heard the speaker’s voice and understood what they’ve meant. Overall, “to be heard” is a bearer of positive outcomes. It mean’s your voice is acknowledged.

Being loud, and Loudness in general on the other hand… Is still sitting on the fence a little. For many, Loud = Obnoxious, Overbearing, Insecure…

Yes we’ve been able to see more and more people owning up to who they are, BE LOUD AND BE PROUD... But there are still many, so many that shy away from expressing themselves fully.

You can work on the technical side of vocal practice all you want, and yet still not reaching your full volume… 


It’s not about the instrument

It’s not about the musician

It’s about the in-between

If you’re a speaker, a coach, a performer, a manager, a therapist, a teacher, a cook… Whatever your profession, whatever your field of expertise:
You want to have an impact? You want to be acknowledged, heard?

You need to investigate the 3 Pillars of your voice. They are your foundation. 

The violin by itself is just a violin. The violinist by himself is just a violinist. It’s when
they work together, that magic happens. It’s the same in vocal work, and
to be frank, in any medium of expression.

Many people have throats and tongues and teeths etc… BUT every voice is different. 
Why? Because of the connection the speaker has with his/hers/their Voice. 

To Speak up… At Full Volume… 

To be Heard… Seen and Understood…

To be Loud… To be You…

It’s not just about the technique: technical training takes practice obviously.
You’ll run through the motions and strengthen your vocal power…
It’s the flip-side that takes more time.

It means investigating, understanding our WHO, our HOW, our WHY.

And for this reason, we go look at the Pillars of the voice. And those 3 are:


  1. Relaxation
  2. Intention
  3. Expression

A relaxed mind helps a stressed body

A relaxed body helps a stressed mind

If the Voice takes the path of least resistance

It rises, dances and touches more than you know

But your words cannot fly

If your thoughts drag them under

If they were not given strength

Food and Fuel to grow

So before setting them free

Ask yourself: where do you see them be

For the key to being listened

The path of true expression

Is one where You accept to fully know.

                                                                                            Ségolène V. Scheuer

I hope this week’s little session of conscious breathing and episode will help you see how YOU can approach your Vocal Growth. Focusing on techique only will not grant you an audience. Anyone can be loud, read, share… But it’s the authenticity of your own expression that fosters real connection. 

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Stay warm, stay healthy, stay true.
And I’ll catch you next week!

Ségo xx