Podcast – Episode 14: Summon Confidence

Written by Ségolène

November 5, 2020

Regaining Confidence through Breath & Voice Coaching.

When we feel stressed, down, lost…

When it seems the world is spining so fast that we don’t know
if we still have a place
if we’ll be heard
if we belong

It’s easy to forget who we are. 
It’s easy to forget what we’re capable of.
It’s easy to believe our place, our voice, our being seen is defined by something outside of us. 

These beliefs couldn’t be further away from the truth

Summon the Sun within

Most of the conversations I’ve had over the past two weeks have revolved around 
…. what we feared,
…. what we lacked,
…. what we had lost,

It’s perfectly normal and healthy to feel down, to be scared.
That’s what the combination of unknown, unstability and fear do.
It fuels the storm within and entraps us.

Take our eyes and hearts away from
what we have,
what we love,
what we could gain.

“Après la pluie, le Beau Temps” as we say in France. There is sunlight shining after
a storm. The sun doesn’t stop existing when it’s raining, when it’s cloudy, when it’s
stormy. Eventually, with some help from the wind, the rays of light pierce through
the veil of clouds, revealing itself in its golden beauty.

Your confidence, your Voice, your Essence behaves just so too.  It is YOUR Sun.
And in today’s episode, using our very own wind, The Breath, we consciously 
summon it back. 

As part of this episode, I will ask you to write three lists.

Three questions. 

Three answers.

Working with our breath to steady the mind and bring it to a place of comfort and safety, these questions are here to show you the way back to that Sun. 

1) 3 things you believe in
It doesn’t have to be something overthought: remember simplicity and honesty are the greatest councelors. Two of my beliefs already. But to these I would also add love and expression. 


2) 3 things you do like no one else
Same here, don’t let your mind trick you. You have a way of making, creating, voicing, that is deeply unique to you. Often, it is something your loved ones ad your circle will go to you for. 
For example, in my case some of these are, my listening ear, my onion soup, my writing skills.  

3) 3 things you are the proudest of
Feel free to list these achievements in bulletpoints, BUT… Why not try and fully phrase it out? 
I am proud of my Podcast.
I am proud of the support system I have created with my friends
I am proud of having healed my body

What are you proud of? 
Are you proud of the family you’ve built? 
Are you proud of that play, that song, that poem you’ve written? 
Are you proud of your friends? Of having made it onto that course? Of being part of your local choir? Of having been able to pay rent this month? Perhaps you’re proud of having grown a plant, fostered a pet, improved your make up skills… 

You’ll know which one to write when you’ll feel your heart lift up. See yourself go through the motions.

Visualise these friends, these family members, these landscapes and emotions. They wouldn’t be the same without your input, your eyes, your touch, your voice. 

To see the world differently, 
You have to think differently.
Perhaps it is time to change your thinking.

To cast your rays
And see the World a-new,
You must first acknowledge
The Sun lies within you.

You’re not late.
2020 has been an intense year of learning. External factors have pressured you into retreat, into hiding. It will take time to trust, to fuel ourselves, our voice, our power. Taking a few minutes everyday to remind yourself of your achievements, of the beauties in your life… These are your first steps to fully shine through. 

Take your time. Look at the flowers, the trees, colors and around you. Soak it all in and let yourself shine from within.

I’ll speak to you soon. 
                                                            Ségolène xx