Podcast – Episode 15 – Try Something New:
                                                 Listen, Observe, Move

Written by Ségolène

November 12, 2020


Tomorrow it will be 3 months since the release of The Artful Athlete Podcast. It’s a little bit crazy to think and see how far it’s come in such a short time. 

I’m tremendously grateful to all of you lovely Voices tuning in. It’s really lovely getting to know you: I hope I can continue to provide you with some good vibes, peaceful breath flows, and helpful tips to allow yourself to let your Voice be heard, always. 

This week, I’m inviting you to
try something new. 

Ask yourself…
        … What happens when
you go into something new?

When you don’t know the road, you walk slowly.

When you’re learning how to knit, you grab each needle and handle the wool
                                                                                                                                    with care.

When you’re learning a new dance, you count the steps.

When you speak your truth, you take a breath and ease your pace to be fully heard.


You’re aware, conscious of every move, every step, every word. You’re sinking into 
the present moment, and engraving the new journey, the new moves into your 
body and your brain. 

Is this slower pace the key to ease anxiety playfully?

It is ONE of the keys to step away from anxiety. Here you are, achieving this
“being in the moment thing” that people bang on about. Because you’re focussing 
on the action at hand. You’re leaving the world of “what ifs” for a place of “I dos”. 

If you’re feeling trapped, bored, disconnected….

Changing your routine, switching things up, trying something new has a wonderful way of fostering connection. Of sinking back into the present moment. Your feet are firmest on new ground because you’re getting used to the terrain. You’re treading with caution, you’re bringing awareness to what you’re doing. The mind is solely focusing on the action, the journey at hand.

In these uncertain times: come back to a simplicity.

Come back to accepting that “you don’t know” and are learning to find the way. 

Step slower, focus on your grip, on the present moment, on what you actually KNOW.

Trying something new is the best way to remind yourself of your ability to do things CONSCIOUSLY. And from then, it gets easier to find a purpose, a goal. 

Try something new. Leave your Youtube on Roaming, find new dance moves to learn, try a different paint, different foods, different words. Embrace trying something new, until you find what works for you. 

What’s the new you’re going to commit to?

Let me know in the comments below:  You could be inspiring someone to give it a go.

Much love,
Ségolène xx