Podcast – Episode 16 – Foods for the Voice:
                                             5 tips to maintain, 
                                             heal & fuel your voice

Written by Ségolène

November 18, 2020

This week, we’re looking to support and heal our voice through foods. Plants, Spices, Liquids…

Here are 5 key tips to maintain, heal, and fuel your Vocal Power!

Food and cooking are two things I’m deeply passionate about. And since foods and beverages have an impact on our vocal abilities, it would do yourself a disfavor to not look into nutrition too.

I do post some easy homely recipes regularly on my Instagram and Facebook page.

If that’s something you’re interested in, or would like me to discuss a bit more, let me know! I’m prepping episodes for the next few months and would love your input:
Send me your questions, your thoughs and ideas.

Now, let’s talk before tackling those 5 tips…

As explained in this episode, I am heavily influenced by Ayurveda and
ayurvedic nutrition.

I found that a lot of their recommendations to help support and heal the voice,
complemented more western approaches very well. With a strong knowledge of
Herbal and Spice medicine, you can get your voice back, strong and healthy
in no time!

The herbs and spices I mention in this episode do not have to be solely used in
infusion form. You can, and should edit your recipes, if you want to really fuel
your voice.

The 5 Tips for a healthy voice and strong vocal abilities:

Number 1: Hydration is the answer to all your questions.
I ended up reading a long study on the role of hydration for the voice. Now, we talked about the nature of the vocal chords back in episode 4. And this study actually highlights the importance of hydration to faciliate the production of sound. I go into more details in the episode itself, but once you remember that chords are membranes, it all makes sense, doesn’t it! Membranes are softer moister tissues that NEED fluid to keep their work in the body.

Number 2: That Mixed Provence Herb jar in your kitchen cupboard…
You all have one, I know it. And if you don’t well, you know what to get next time you go food shopping! 
It’s the perfect blend of herbs to dissolve any mucus blocking your throat and nose. 2tsp in 250ml of hot water. You can add a tsp of honey and some lemo juice for the flavour if you want. Drink this three times a day for three to four days.

Number 3: Have you got Thyme?
Thyme. Is. A. Voicer’s. Best. Friend. Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, expectorant and it’s also great for respiratory infections and coughs. In infusions, in stews, soups, meals… It’s THE ultimate weapon. The plant to rule them all. And if you’re suffering from a throat infection,  combine this to sea-salt garggle will have you back in action in no time. Yes, the gargle is less tasty, but it’s very efficient too!

Number 4: Help that throat!
Your voice lives in your throat. So, take care of your throat! It’s not just about microbs, viruses and infections. You have to take into account the weather changes, keeping the throat warm and cozy, relaxing the neck to ease tension. In colder weather, breathe lower and slower through the nose to avoid drying out the throat. Bring some heat to your life with a mix of lemon juice, hot water and cayenne or black pepper (with either maple syrup or honey to sweeten life up), get yourself a throat spray that’s Echinacea based to boost your immune response and help your throat. Tick all the boxes.

Number 5: Finally, what can you do when faced with laryngitis or complete voice loss.
Laryngitis is a severe inflammation of the Voice Box (which I talked about in episode 4). Obviously ideally, keep to Voice rest. Avoid clearing your throat as it will aggravate the irritation and it’s very painful. Embrace inhalations with Eucalyptus and Rosemary oils to clear the blocks. And finally, don’t whisper. It may sound like a weird advice, but there’s a reasoning behind it: Whispering causes for your vocal chords to stretch. It’s adding an extra pressure to the voice box and the larynx. Which is the opposite of what you want. 

I hope these little tips will help you throughout the winter and on your vocal work!

Stay warm, Stay safe, and I’ll speak to you soon!


Ségo xx