Podcast – Episode 19 – Speaking with your Body

Written by Ségolène

December 11, 2020

One of the things my own health and voicing path have taught me is the importance of the connection between Voice and Body

Expression, Communication… These require a physical extension. Your arms, your face, your stance… All these physical elements come into play.

You naturally use our body to fuel your speech when conversing and exchanging in every day life. The more comfortable and familiar you get with your body, the easier it’ll be to follow the path of your voice through it. 

Having this physical knowledge will help you
pinpoint voice and emotional blocks,
– ease into speech
connect to your breath,
– and adjust your posture. 

Physical Expression is NOT exclusive
to the the Arts, Training
or Movement industry

You use your body everyday to walk, to jump, to eat, to rest, to cook, to create…
And to communicate, to express.

Your body, this powerful enveloppe of flesh, blood and muscles, in a way is a display 
of what goes on inside yourself. Both physically and mentally. 

When you’re tired, it shows on your face, on your shouldes, your posture. 
When you’re excited, full of energy, you stand tall, your eyes wide open.
Without utteing a single sentence you’ve already communicated
the energy you’re in. 

You’ve shared and expressed how you’re feeling within. 

And this allows you to connect to your audience. They can SEE AND FEEL
your presence.

Your hands give shape to the arguments you’re explaining, the story
you’re unveiling. 

Your face lightens up at the mention or the thought of that heart-warming
memory you’re sharing. 

Your chest lifts up when you’re beaming with pride.

Your thoracic collapses when sadness hits your heart.

Your fists clench, your brows frown. Your mouth smiles, opens and closes

If you want to voice up, to express yourself and be fully seen, you need to really see it as a physical practice.

In the same way that an athlete trains his body for a marathon, a handstand, a race, a game… You need to practice expression in a physical sense.

I’m not telling you to go run a marathon. Unless that’s what you want, haha!

Making expression a physical practice can be something as easy as putting headphones in your ears and having a cheeky little boogie.

It can be flowing through movement postures through Yoga or Animal flow.

It can be keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor and speaking, singing, moving perhaps only your arms, or your head.

It’s up to you.

Sinking into your body and letting it speak, release and express itself is going to help you extend the reach of your speech. It’s going to enable ou to connect honestly with your audience, to fuel your arguments…

But it also makes you a better listener. Every body is different, yes. But you’ll notice that some emotions present themselves similarly from one human to the next.

So, go on and ask yourself: 

Do you feel you speak with your body enough? Or is there another story you could tell in your movement,
your stance, your posture?

It might just hold the key to you being truly heard. 

I’ll speak to you soon!

Ségo xx