Podcast – Episode 24 – Foundations and Gratitude

Written by Ségolène

January 14, 2021


Haha! Do you not think that if something gets repeated a lot it’s because it needs to be heard? To be practiced and integrated?
To be receieved and passed on further down the line? 

It’s true for a lot of things. And taking the time to look after your foundations is one of them. 

In early episodes, I told you about the importance of connecting to your values and your truth… With the current stress we’re under pushing us to face deep questioning, I felt like a little gentle and earnest reminder could do us good. 

I say “us”, because I always include myself in these. The themes and topics I tackle in my episodes are closely linked to my own train of thought. To what I notice in my life and in those around me. 

I say “us”, because I’m one of you, and need a reminder too sometimes. 

My Words fly up, my thoughts remain below.
Words without thought never to heaven go.

This is my absolute favorite Shakespeare line. 

Yes, it’s the “villain” that says it, but it doesn’t stop it from being absolutely true.
Without intention, our words are aimless.
Without their speaker believing in the essence of the speech,  the words won’t travel far.
Without connecting thought and voice, your reach is weakened…

Because your Words are not supported on their journey to your listener’s ear. 

If you’re trying to get your point across,
if you’re trying to teach someone how to move, how to sing, how to write, how to paint or cook even…

Then your words need to come from that place, deep within your beliefs and values. Add a sprinkle of knowledge and a healthy dose of experience and there you have it – honest and strong foundations for your vocal, communication and creating abilities.

If I were to tell you simply to “speak louder” or show you the technical side of things only… yes, perhaps you would be louder. But passing on technique only would be doing you a disservice in my eyes. 

There’s a thousand reasons why we stop ourselves in our tracks. Why we stay in the shadow of our goal oriented mind, of our stress and inner pressure. That build-up of tension has to be acnowledged, understood and released first. 

Anyone can learn the mechanics of the voice so they can manufacture loudness, connection and emotions… 

But if there’s no truth, no understanding of your human mind, no healing, release or relaxation… Then there will be no connection. 

Wether you’re a performer or not, remember this: 
You cannot connect to your audience without an understanding of your own emotions. And if you only rely on manufacturing those, then this superficial approach will disserve you in the long run. 

Know thyself, and to thine own self be true. 
Thus you’ll serve your Voice too.


I’ll speak to you soon.

Ségo xx