Podcast – Episode 27 

Discovering your Voice – Part 1:

Start with your Body


Written by Ségolène

February 4, 2021

Happy thursday, Wonderful Voices!

Quick reminder that this week and every Tuesday of February you can find me over a @thelodge.space on Instagram and IGTV where I’m sharing 4 very short breathing sessions.
This whole month, a group of wellness practitioners (Yoga, pilates, creatives, coaches…) have come together to bring you a little “Challenge” every day.
All it takes is 5 to 10min a day to invest in YOU!

Now… Back to today’s topic.

Discovering your Voice. 

The next three episodes will be slightly different to what I’ve shared with you so far. I started a process when I was home at Christmas… A process of releasing – you know how I bang on about the importance of release, don’t you! 

This new release work has started something in me that prompted this new series. 

Get ready for a story…

This felt like the best way of guiding you through your own process. Telling you a story. 
A story covering what has happened, what was experienced, how it felt, and what it released. 

I firmly believe that experience is the mother of all learning. I could tell you about everything I’ve studied and practice, but it wouldn’t be me. It wouldn’t feel like me. 
My way of learning, of gathering knowledge has always been a very empirical one. 

I can’t read music. Well, I can tell you that it goes up and down, and I can recognise most notes on paper if I focus a lot and have my glasses at hand, but that’s about it. Every song I’ve ever had to learn, I’ve learned by ear. 

Every language I’ve learned, I’ve learned by listening and talking. The grammar and syntax, I studied afterwards. The images I draw and paint, are images I’ve seen in nature, or in my heart. 

My own movement practice and postural knowledge, I’ve gathered by doing first, then going home and studying it. But I had to physically try it out first, before looking at the science or “behind the scenes” stuff.

I’m someone that feels a lot. Who observes, hears and listens a lot.

And that’s how I’ve made myself grow. 

In this week’s episode, I’ve been able to revisit the first time I really met my Voice. The moment I started to understand how it was connected to the body. How it had a greater reach and impact than I thought. 

How, by combining breath, voice, postural and release work, you had the power to remove whatever you were caged in. 

And that moment… Had some David Bowie in it. 

You know how some songs just sit deeply with you? Not necessarily on the first listen, for sure. You first hear them and go”hmm, sounds cool”, but then the lyrics go straight to a place deep within. Somehow, this is what happened to me with Nature Boy

We all have texts, songs, poems and quotes that have this impact on us. As I carried out my releasing process of 2021, Achilles, Come Down by Gang of Youth had that effect on me. 

I was still trying to decide whether I like this song, and went for a second listen to see what had made me listen to it in full. 

The self is not so weightless, nor whole and unbroken. ” 

That’s what made me carry on listening. That’s what makes me sing it to myself, or listen to it at least once a day throughout my release. 

What’s yours? Share it below. These little lines and songs speak volume about what our Voice connects to. 

I suppose, what I want you to take from this week’s blog is that… This Voice discovering process, this connection to a knowledge of what your Voice needs, of what it could sound like, how it could grow… It could start with a song too. 

I mean… mine started with a broken neck, immobility and perhaps a heavy dose of self-censorship. But the moment I saw what working on breath and voicing could do, started with a singing practice of a David Bowie song. 

Let me know what you thought of this week’s episode. I give you some vocal homework at the end too!

And if I don’t see you on instagram, I’ll speak to you next Thursday!

Much love,

Ségo xx