Podcast – Episode 29

Discovering your Voice – Part 3:

Explore your Vocal Abilities

Written by Ségolène

February 18, 2021

Discovering your Voice – Part 3!

We’ve made it to the last episode of our Discovering your Voice series. 

Before I talk a bit more about what to expect in this week’s episode, a quick reminder that this week and every Tuesday of February you can find me over a @thelodge.space on Instagram and IGTV where I’m sharing 4 very short breathing sessions.

This whole month, a group of wellness practitioners (Yoga, pilates, creatives, coaches…) have come together to bring you a little “Challenge” every day.

I’ve already shared 3 sessions, and have another one ready for you this coming Tuesday. It’s all saved on their IGTV, waiting for you!

All it takes is 5 to 10min a day to invest in YOU!

Back to this week’s episode.

Learning to walk again

This is very much the theme that came through when I was preparing this last part of our Discovering Your Voice series.

To find your Voice. To articulate your thoughts, words and emotions. To assimilate what goes on in your life: this is all part of your exploration. Of your journey on this vocal path. 

There’s a thousand ways to “be Vocal”. It’s not tied and bound to sound making. Maybe you’re someone of a few words. Maybe your way of expressing and where you get a sense that it’s your voice that’s beng shared and heard, is through moving, drawing, working, painting, cooking… You name it. To be vocal is often diminished to its more “technical” aspect. But it’s ultimately something that’s very personnal, because it’s a reflection of the beliefs, experiences and the food you’ve supplied your Voice with. 

And when you feel stuck,
when you can’t see a way out,
a way to share,
a way to be,

Then it’s time to learn to walk again. 


When I was preparing this 3 part of our little Vocal Exploration, the story that wanted to come through was related to how I had to relearn to read at the age of 19 after a long period of illness. 

Before that, reading was a strong part of my life: I was a bookworm, read everything I could get my hands on really. Dominantly fiction, plays and novels. But since that period, reading became something heavy and exhausting. I’ve been working on reconnecting to this old hobby over the past year, as I’ve previously mentioned in episode 20 “Miller’s Circe and coming to your Voice”. Why did this story come up now? Why was it relevant to share this with you when we were just having a conversation about the Voice?

Reading fueled my voice for years. It inspired me, triggered my imagination. Allowed me escape,  discover new words and languages. It showed me different voices through poems and characters, myths and scripts. When my creativity went dry in 2018, I did not seek to read. I wanted to rest. To be stimulated differently. But since embracing the work required to heal my relationship to the Act of Reading, I can feel my voice getting stronger. And now, I’m learning to read, again. 


What do you need to reconnect to? To learn again? to strengthen your vocal abilities?

Food for thought.


Much Love,