Podcast – Episode 7: When Things Go Wrong

Written by Ségolène

September 15, 2020

As you will have gathered from this week’s posts and the title of the episode: a lot of things went south last week.

And somehow, whenever technology is involved, things can become even more stressful. And in that case, fear takes over, inflitrating itself in every part of your life.

In this particular case, I feared for my work, and the podcast.

Because it’s brand new: it’s one month old, thanks to you wonderful Voicers who have been tuning in!

Because it took me time to find a way of expressing and sharing what I felt I should share. Last year I wanted to write a book… and punished myself for not having written one in a month.

Yes, it’s irrational. And yes, it added even more stress.

With these episodes, I feel I have reached a state of creative flow which complements my aspirations, my loves, my work.


And this is when Steven Pressfield’s
The Artist’s Journey
stepped in.

I told you in this week’s episode how Steven Pressfield’s work found its way into my life.

His writings on creation and what it means to life your life as an artist have become a staple in my train of thought, my work, my vision and my art.

Keep in mind, as always, there is artistry and art in everything and every field.
It’s not because the writers, singers, painters etc… get mentioned more that
YOUR PASSION doesn’t allow you the “title” of artist.
Art lives in everything. The word “artist” isn’t restricted to its classical definition.

The main quote of Pressfield that helped me find my way back to a proactive and fearless mindset was this one:

We set forth as artists, you and I, from a Portsmouth of the mind and
sail for an imaginary Indies.

Storms arise along the way. We encounter monsters (and allies as well).

Growth occurs. Progress is recorded.

The artist changes on this journey.

She is not the person at the end that she was at the beginning”.

Yes, in the book Pressfield adresses the artist in the feminine.

It’s fair to say that your creative road is more about the experiences and encounters you have along the way.

Because you’re taking them with you to wherever you’re headed.

They become learning curves, anecdotes, memories, stories, a never-ending well
of solutions and proofs of what you’re capable of accomplishing.

Of what you’ve learned.

And that is how in the midst of stressful times…

when the ground seems to fall under our feet,

when our expression, our creativity feels threatened,

we need to actively focus on remembering what we have accomplished so far.

We carry worlds, friends, families, paintings, desires, dreams, swinds and seas. We sing songs of our heroes’ exploits because they are a source of inspiration, of courage.

Why are we not singing our own tales?

As in every odyssey, you will quickly realise that you’re not alone, and that helps comes in many different ways.

Seeing so many come to my help this week has reminded me of this too. And the song I mentioned on Tuesday has been playing at the back of my head.

I couuuld share the english version with you… However, since Steven Pressfield has written so much about Greek history and Culture, I am presenting you with the Greek version of it.

I’ll be announcing the future episodes very soon! In the meantime…

Keep on grounding, keep on writing, keep on voicing.