Podcast – Episode 9: Why is My Expression Blocked?

Written by Ségolène

October 1, 2020

This week I’m sharing with you the 5 steps I applied in order to heal and free my expression.

Despite us having access to unlimited means of communication, in our day and age, we don’t aways let ourselves be loud, be heard, seen. ⁠

Why is that?

There’s plenty of various reasons why you’re struggling with expression. And it’s not because “you’re not good at it”.

If you are able to have conversations with firends, family, colleagues… on a daily basis and be understood, then you know how to communicate. You know how to be understood – and it doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you get there. 

The Truth is…

that in most cases, the reason you’re struggling with expressing or creating, 
is because there is an underlying fear lurking around in your mind. 

Expression is sharing a part of who we are. It’s exposing our thoughts, our beliefs.
It’s bearing our souls, our creative flow, our Voices for the world to see.

Expression is fluidity, flexibility. It’s a flow, a river whose banks are shaped by your 
language, your culture, your values, your dreams… and of course, your emotions. 

Now tell me, in an age where we’re constantly told or invited to edit our speech,
our texts, our image: where does your spontaneity go? Where does your natural 
expression, that candid way of simply being you go? How much of your expression
is still really true to YOU? 

Our heads are full of voices, telling us a variety of things. When we’re blocked,
trapped, stop sharing who we are, it’s often because THAT VOICE is stopping us
to proceed. And it does so either because it’s consciously or subconsciously
self-imposed , OR because it is enforced by an external system, power, person.

So, how can you step away from this? 
How can you let yourself be heard fully?
How can you overcome the blocks you encounter when trying to express yourself?

You need to reconcile your relationship to your expression.
You need to acknowledge the fear, the negative emotion within that’s holding you back.
You need to give yourself some lovin’

Being kind and loving to ourselves is the only way of easing fear. Yes, this requires for you to be brave. But remember, there are many kinds of bravery. 

Being patient and open is what helps create a helathy foundation to Your Voice. The format, the medium you’ve chosen to express yourself in is a parameter to take into account of course! 

But the medium is only a medium. And there are thousands out there, waiting for you to try them out: so don’t stress. And have fun testing it all out! 

In this week’s episode, I speak quite openly about the relationship I had with writing, and how comfortable and free my voice and expression have felt since starting this podcast. 

Sharing, letting myself be seen, be heard: just diffusing my values and thoughts into this spoken form has helped me immensily to re-shape and reconcile my relationship to writing and creating. 

True expression doesn’t live in the mind, friends. It’s in the heart, the feet, the belly, the hands… It’s remembering that your Life is an EXPERIENCE. 

So why are you trying to put your voice in a specific box? You are unique. Therefore, your expression is unique. 

Think on that next time someone tells you “it’s been done before”. It probably has, yes.
But it hasn’t been done by you. 

So whether it’s speaking, writing, singing, drawing, painting, cooking, sewing, moving…

Wherever you have this block, this disconnection to your expression. Run Through the five steps:

Step 1: Acknowledgement. “How do I feel when I try to…”

Step 2: Localisation. “Where in my body do I feel it the most?”

Step 3: Why. “Why is this here? Is it coming from me or out of me?”

Step 4: Relase. Find your way of releasing the body part you answered to step 2.

Step 5: Prepare your space. Breathe. Anchor.

Much love to you all, and I’ll catch you next week to speak more about
the Written Voice.

Meanwhile, feel free to let me know if there’s something you’d like me to talk about!  My DMs and emails are always open.