Podcast – Episode 10: What about the Written Voice?

Written by Ségolène

October 8, 2020

As a Voice Coach, you might wonder why I am now talking about the Written Voice too…

Spoken and Written are very tightly intertwined, and it’s easy to forget. 

I know, I forgot, and even ignored that connection for a very long time. And to be perfectly honest, I feel I’m only just getting the hang of the balance between these two forces.

You probably remember from last week’s episode, but my relationship to writing has required some work.

Between the physical pain that would manifest itself at the thought of writing something solely coming from my mind, and the labor that writing represented…

Let’s just say,  it was not an overnight transformation.

What I know for certain is…

Words and Languages are not the issue.

Your knowledge is not the issue. And if you feel like it is because you’re struggling “to
find the right words”, because you simply don’t know: then seek inspiration.
Seek mentors. Seek works of all realms and walks of Life that you feel drawn to.
And absorb it all, as you can only speak of what YOU KNOW. 

Intention is not the issue.

When you put your mind to it, you will always reach the finish line. Because it was
your original intention. Because you had decided you would, and that’s enough to
climb mountains. Hurdles you encounter along the way are separated from this.
This Impulse that got you to were you are. 
This drive that made you keep going.
This call that lured you to these paths. 

You cannot hide in Writing 

If you think the Written will allow you to hide who you are, and avoid voicing…
Think again. 
In this Silent Voice, this immortal inscription, this flow of ink lies a truth. Your truth. 
It is a spell that summons your essence. A spell that compels you to answer to your
set of beliefs, to the worlds and creations you’ve dreamed or imagined. 
And if Writing seems an impossible and painful, like it was for me…
If you are not satisfied or connected to what you’re creating or trying to create…

My question to you is: What are you scared of?

Once again, Breath comes into play.


So, Breathe and Listen.

If you listen to your writing, you’ll be able to hear a lot more then you would’ve first thought. In order to write something that feels true to you, you need to listen more.

When I was at drama school, one of the first exercises our writing teacher gave us, was to eavesdrop on a conversation and write it down. Listening.

Consciously listening to the world around us and the worlds within is ultimately the most natural way of summoning our creations onto our plane through writing, through narrating, drawing… Pick one.

And if frustration arise, if you’re trapped and cannot go on:
Lean back and breathe. Change your thinking. Change your approach.
And instead of forcing and imposing rules to your new born creation, let it show you where it wants to go. 

Do you remember when we talked about deloading?

Why not use this practice to connect to this truth that wants to speak through you? Taking 5 min to deload and release which ever thought or cumbersome load has taken space in your mind.

If you don’t remember how to proceed, have a look at episode 5.

This deloading practice is the best way to connect to your writing. To your creation. To the Silent Voice.

It’s ready and waiting for you to listen. What it has to say is more magical than you think. But you need to give it the space to express itself. 

And, don’t forget to have fun!

Happy listening,