Podcast – Episode 20 – Miller’s Circe & Coming to
                                                                                Your Voice

Written by Ségolène

December 17, 2020

So far on our month of
“Things to take with me for 2021”, we’ve covered:

  1. The power of adaptation: connecting to the essence and keeping it alive from one system or situation to the next.

  2. And, Voicing as a Physical practice: having that movement awareness in expression to fuel our speech and extend our reach in the art of communication.

This week’s episode feels special to me, because this book shaped my thoughts for this year.

And out of this thinking process, this new Vocal version of the Artful Athlete was born. 

But that was only a shape I had been poured into. I did not have to keep it.

                             Circe – Madeline Miller

Ah this quote… My heart sighs each time I say it. 

How often are we told to stay in one place? 

How many times have you felt like you had to stay in the dark, in a situation or in
someone else’s shadow?

Have you resolved to believe that the shape you had been poured into was the 
only one you’de be allowed to stay in for the rest of your life? 

Wether in Art or in Life,

Wether in Creation or Destruction,

No matter the plane you’re working on: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual…

You are allowed, entitled and encouraged to rethink that shape at any point. 

You are allowed to free yourself of burdens and chains. To embrace a path of your 
choosing. To experiment, to play, to give birth to something new.


We’re all capable of undergoing a metamorphosis.

We’re all capable of growing into our power.

All you need to kickstart the process is a little spark.

Once you’ve found it, play around with it. Observe and see how the flame dances, from which wood or material it derives most strength. 

That flame takes on different shapes and colors, but lives within us all. 

The shape we’re poured into through life, and our experiences is in no way in stone. We decide what to do with it. We decide HOW we interact with it. The only bounds, the only real limits are the one we´re made to believe in.

To be loud. To be Vocal. To be Heard.

It’s a choice. 

Once you’ve sealed your pact with this decision, the technical aspect comes naturally.

Because you’re not trying to please anyone but yourself. 

Because you’re investing in yourself, your abilities, your dreams and gifts.

Because you’re letting go and taking a Leap of Faith.

Faith into you.

I hope this week’s episode will bring you some healthy food for thoughts…
Perhaps you’ll even go and read Madeline Miller’s book.
if you do, please send me a message: It’s so full of power, of poetry, of trials, growth and achievements.
It’s full of you, and me. 

I stumbled upon this illustration of Circe while on the hunt for a christmas present. It’s by an artist called @zacrosso – you can find his creations on Etsy and Instagram!

Catch you next week for our next “Things to take into 2021” episode!


Speak soon,

Ségolène xx