Podcast – Episode 21 – Having the Time VS

                                                                          Making Time

Written by Ségolène

December 24, 2020

This is our last episode of
“Things to take with me for 2021”

We’ve talked about:

  1. The power of adaptation: connecting to the essence and keeping it alive from one system or situation to the next.
  2. Voicing as a Physical practice: having that movement awareness in expression to fuel our speech and extend our reach in the art of communication.
  3. Coming to your Voice and growing into your own power through the example of Circe by Madeline Miller.

At last, here is the fourth and final reflection I wanted to share with you…

Our relationship to TIME. 

I don’t have time for this…

Our generation has a conflicted relationship with time and expectations.
And this acts as a paralytic.

It’s crippling.

Because you believe that you’ll never have enough time, it becomes easier to
give up on dreams, on passions and projects. You silence the inner voice,
and compensate with something else. 

Or you sacrfice what you already have/wish for, to serve something that you
know you “have” to do… And forget your aspirations in the process..
Because maybe, this goal; this hope is not necessarily meant to take as much space
in your life.

How can you be loud, be heard, adapt, create, and come through IF you see Time,
hours, days, minutes, months and years as the ennemi? the fleeting? Something that evaporates or you can’t control?

In this week’s episode, we’re running through a little breath and visualisation exercice. We”re taking the time to make time. 

Time to breathe, to focus, to recenter and assess how we really feel about “Time”

What if all it took was a single step back to see the whole picture. Your time has a value unique to you.

You decide how much of it you spend for each of your goals, your hobbies, your tasks, your creation…

You CHOOSE the amount of time you spend on a project.

You choose how long your morning and evening rituals can be.

You decide if you’re going to work out an hour, or run for 30 minutes.

There is no right or wrong choice here.

There is only the choice itself and the decision you’re taking.

Enjoy the breathwork, and I’ll catch you next week as I sum up my thoughts on 2020.


Ségolène xx